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Carpentry Insurance Quotes

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Are you looking for insurance quotes for your carpentry business?

Here at we specialise in – you guessed it – insurance for carpenters!

There are various forms of insurance available for carpenters, and we have access to a network of insurance advisers who can assist with all of them.

When seeking quotes for insurance there will be a range of questions asked depending on the types of insurance.  Below we have detailed some of the common insurance types and the questions that need to be answered.

Public Liability Insurance

This is one of the most common forms of insurance required by carpenters.  The main questions asked when seeking a quote for this form of cover are as follows:

  • Specific business activities (i.e. new home construction, renovations etc.)
  • Number of staff working for the business
  • Annual turnover
  • Usage of subcontractors
  • Hazardous work locations

For more information about carpenters public liability insurance please follow the link.

Tool Insurance

Tool insurance is another common form insurance for carpenters in Australia, as unfortunately there are plenty of people out there willing to steal our tools.

The questions asked when seeking quotes on tool insurance are commonly as follows:

  • Total replacement value of the tools
  • Individual details of any tools valued at more than $2,000 (this figure can vary)
  • Physical location of the tools
  • Level of cover required (i.e. theft only, accidental damage etc.)

Income Protection & Life Insurance

Many carpenters who are working for themselves or as subcontractors will require income protection insurance.

The following questions will generally be asked when seeking quote on income protection for a carpenter:

  • Date of birth
  • Annual income (after expenses)
  • Smoking status
  • Policy options (i.e. waiting period, benefit period etc.)

The same questions will also be asked if you require a quote on life insurance, TPD or trauma cover.

If you would like a quote on your carpentry insurance please contact your broker.  If you don’t have a broker we recommend the team at Trade Risk who specialise in insurance for carpenters and other tradesmen.